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Dimity Rose
Dimity is a mother of four adult children and a grandmother of one; delightful, bilingual toddler. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Writing, from Monash University and is currently completing a Master’s Degree in TESOL, at Melbourne University.

For ten years, while living in Byron Bay and raising her children, Dimity worked part-time as an astrologer. She has studied Jungian astrology at the Chiron Centre in Melbourne and Vedic Astrology for the past twenty years. Myth and narrative form a large part of the language and practice of these traditions.

As a senior English teacher, Dimity has spent the last fourteen years working with teenagers and young adults on their writing, and English skills. She has edited many creative and analytical pieces. She works collaboratively with young writers editing, critiquing and crafting their work. As a writer, teacher and editor she feels inspired supporting writers to confidently find their unique voice.

During a pilgrimage to India, on the rooftop of an inner city ashram and in a moment of inspired grace, Dimity felt a strong call to return to the city of her birth. Since returning to live and work in Melbourne, her writing has been energised by the laneways, urban gardens and diverse personalities of the inner North. Dimity’s unique creative gift lies in her ability to deliver a mystical perspective steeped in the catharsis of lived experience.

Christopher Robin
Christopher Robin lives alone with 2 humans and a dog. He prefers his anxieties shaken not stirred. Assistant to the birth of many a pregnant pause, Chris eats words for breakfast, resulting in regular consonant laden vowel movements. Referred to by local authorities as ‘a man to keep your eye on’; his several accolades involve a double degree in English/ Theatre, and include online and offline published work as well as being awarded TV’s coveted ‘sexiest ghost’ prize for his work on the small screen. Not content to rest on such laurels, Chris has also collaborated with some of Australia’s freshest musicians, producing indie and hip hop tracks alike. His finger ever on the pulse of Australia’s poetic youth, he has been hailed as the ‘Simon Cowell of online poetry competitions’. He spends his days juggling reading, writing, eating and juggling. He loves nothing more than an unfinished.

Stacey Elliot 
Then in Byron:

A kid, growing up surrounded by dysfunctional people in Byron Bay. Single and pregnant at 16 – my daughter, now 16. Do the math, if you want. Studied via distance education since I was 17 years old.

Now in Melbourne:

  • Bachelor of Legal and Justice Studies (majoring in Criminal Law) completed 2009
  • Bachelor of Laws (LLB) completed 2016
  • Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice – completed 2016
  • Admitted as an Australian Lawyer at the Supreme Court of Victoria, May 2017
  • And kittens. Love kittens.

Korinna Le’ach
Korinna Le’ach is an artist, activist, environmentalist, writer, editor, book collector, world traveler, vintage vixen and witch.

She holds degrees in Art History / Archaeology, and Philosophy from the University of British Columbia.

Her diverse career as a free-lance writer, mostly for not –for -profit organisations, has brought her to fulfil exciting projects all around the world. Amongst these, she wrote and produced ‘Interaction’ for the UN Environment Program in Thailand that, in1986, introduced the concept of sustainable development. She produced educational media kits for Save the Children Fund in Canada focusing on a variety of development projects, and worked for the Red Edge and Kunstler in Aktion in Germany giving international voice to artists from Communist countries in 1988, just before the ‘iron curtain’ lifted.

Korinna’s career brought her to Australia in 1989 to become Assistant Director for the State of Victoria for another UN based project in human rights, the environment and social justice issues. Based in Melbourne, she married and had her two sons.

2016 brought Korinna full circle back to British Columbia, Canada where she lives in a small country cottage on an acreage on Vancouver Island. She built her own house, grows her own vegetables, chops wood like a lumberjack and is involved in theatre, writing, editing and art.

Kate Paszkowski
I live in the bush with a bow hunter of a husband. Two huge dogs that will sic on command. On anybody. Two horses and a veggie patch. We live in a castle. We built it. Two kids. Both smart. I work with people every day. In every state. So crazy crow asking for a bio outside of my usual hours is like sucking mud into a syringe.

I won’t justify myself. Nor my tattoos. Nor my piercings. Nor my witching ways and an ability, when I council, to make someone cry.

I’m a basketball champion and a psychic, and I can research the fuck out of any shady dealings. My shovel is legendary and cold, cold steel.

I have gargoyles on my gate and they come alive at night to disturb the dreams of woman bashers and people who hurt animals and kids.

Ly de Angeles
Ly de Angeles, CEO of crazy crow, is an award-winning author and filmmaker, director and producer of stage and screen, mother, grandmother, scholar, deep ecologist, mythographer, feminist, witch, psychic, teacher. Old enough to not tolerate fools lightly. She also identifies as a Catuvellauni woman and knowledge holder.

While the majority of her fictional work is mythic lore, Ly de Angeles writes across genres that include ancient history, poetry, gritlit and non-fiction on diverse subjects as witchcraft and body building.

She mentors student writers both privately and through the Bonewoman Collective in Melbourne, in both story and screenplay. She reads tarot, turns idiots into quality and liberated frogs, has also trained as a silversmith and is a 3rd Dan Iaido instructor. Oh, and she can sing like Joplin.

De Angeles moved from Byron Bay to Melbourne in 2012 for post graduate work in the arts at Deakin University and was accepted into a Masters of Professional Writing. Her memoir, Initiation, was published in 2016, she is about to release Witch, For Those Who Are, early 2018 and is writing The Summer Country, the third in the Traveler Series.

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