crazy crow independent publishing and distribution is the brainchild of director Ly de Angeles. Aware of the difficulty of being published without agent representation in Australia, de Angeles (published for over thirty years in U.K. and U.S.A.) decided on this venture as a way of enticing and mentoring vital writing in uncommonly published, and edgy genres. To accept unsolicited work.

All of us at crazy crow are renegades, heretics and anarchists, and do not conform to snobbery or tall poppy syndrome. None of us are fooled by bureaucracy or overt commercialism.

Summoned into manifestation in November 2017, initially only de Angeles books are for sale on this site. That is because, whilst shipping in America and Canada, across Europe and in the British Isles is inexpensive, freight and handling charges for those of us in Australia and New Zealand, are exorbitant. Thus, crazy crow undercuts the giants.

As of 2018 crazy crow will publish and distribute the following:

  1. Believable mythic realism, urban legend, magical realism, dystopian fiction, edgy memoir, femlit, gritlit, soft erotica and comedic literature.
  2. An annual book of the 10 best short stories in the competition. Submission details here.
  3. An annual anthology of women’s stories, The Bonewoman Collective, the result of a live class of the same name, held once a month (by invitation only) in Melbourne, until the participants have honed their works to a muscular and vascular precision.

November 2017


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